Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Penny Pinched...

I consider myself somewhat thrifty (I use preferred cards when I shop, head to Bed Bath and Beyond with a fistful of those never expiring 20% off coupons, look for cheap gas, etc.).  Kinda of, but not really, working to make every dollar count. 

In 2007, I was laid off from one of the big banks and for a single girl with two dependents (at the time Smokee and Felix) a nice severance package.  I had already eliminated a lot of debt so I was okay.  I took some classes, invested in real estate and returned to work about a year later.  Life was good.  Fast forward to January 2010, laid off again from the same bank no less :-)  Since I had only been back for a year, the severance was less, the economy had tanked, and I'm still a single girl with two dependents (now Peanut and Fiji). I decided to figure out how I could save more or as I always say to my friends "Keep more $$$ in my pocket".

So here I am... taking my thrifty to frugal...but not to cheap.  Exploring tips on saving and tracking how much I can "keep in my pocket" while still enjoying hanging out with friends, traveling and seeking new experiences.

My plan is to keep $1,000 in my pocket this year alone.  I'll share what worked, what didn't and what just gave me the blues and how I did it.  Share your ideas and I will try them too!

Remember when I said life was great in '07?  It's even better in 2010!

Until next time...