Saturday, December 11, 2010

When Customer Service Really Works

As I wait for UPS, FedEx and USPS to delivery all of my holiday shopping goodies, I took a moment to reflect on my Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases to see if I really got a bargain. I've been making my lists, stalking the internet and actually watching television commercials since the beginning of November. I even started shopping the week before Black Friday and learned a very important lesson: Those ads on websites like aren't always right! (Gasp!)

Here's what happened: Kohl's had two really cute sweaters on sale the Wednesday before Turkey Day. Bring a saavy shopper, I checked out the Black Friday ads and saw the one would be at a better price and decided to wait. I got one (ok, two in different colors) and patted myself on the back for getting two sweaters at 50% off, a cute dress for an upcoming Holiday Toy Drive and a Christmas gift for my cousin and his wife (after all, I was supposed to be shopping for others) all with the benefit of an additional 20% off and of course free shipping!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day...
Kohl's, understanding that I am not a morning person, very nicely started their Black Friday sale early, allowing me to leisurely shop while enjoying my coffee (unlike last year, when I slept with my laptop so I could start shopping at 3am on Friday).

You can imagine my surprise when I saw not just the sweater but the dress both at a lower price than the week before! We have all experienced that moment when the deal we thought we had turned out to be a dud. When we think "Is it really worth it try and get a better price or just let it go?" As I got ready to create a new order and take the sweaters and dresses back, I decided to call customer service and this is where Kohl's excelled: after explaining my situation they adjusted my account fo the difference. No hassle, no "I need to speak with your supervisor", just "I am so sorry for the inconvenience Miss Wise, we'll take care of it." The adjustment knocked an additional $30 from the purchase price.

While I finish my Christmas shopping, I will remember these lessons:

  •  Research all my purchases to get the best deal or as close to it as I can
  • All customer service can say is "No" but if they're good they'll say "Yes"

 Did Black Friday and Cyber Monday keep dollars in your pocket? Let me know!