Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ahh...Spa Week April 16 - 22

When I used to think about April it was usually with a little dread caused by one too many trips to the Post Office before midnight on the 15th to file my taxes.

Now, I get a little giddy because the middle of the month means...Spa Week!  What is Spa Week?   It's like Restaurant Week for the body!  Spa Salons across the country offer various services for $50.  These are full-service treatments at a great price.

During last year's Spa Week, I had one of the best hot stone manicures ever from The Peninsula Spa by ESPA (a $30 dollar savings), which I was excited to see, is being offered again this year.  But after spending hours in front of my laptop, I am spending Spa Week at the Oxygen Spa Studio enjoying a 90-minute hot stone massage  (a $60 savings).  Can you say ahhhhhhh?

Are you ready for Spa Week?  Click the picture below to sign up and find a spa near you.