Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free paint today! - Updated

The word "FREE" catches my attention each and every time I see it.  Usually after the reading the fine print, I move on because most of the time nothing is really free.

Last weekend, I got an email from ACE (which really is my helpful place) saying "Free Quart of Paint" I read the small print and headed to ACE.  It seems, ACE has been giving away a free quart of their new all in one (paint and primer) paint every Saturday since the beginning of March for you to try out.  (Note to self:  check email more often).

You can have it tinted to the color of choice (if you're looking for a dark color you'll be out of luck).  I chose "Rocky Coast" which is a light blue grey.

Why is this a good thing?  A quart of paint will cover approximately 100 square feet.  So if you have a small room (like my bathroom) and are looking for an inexpensive refresh... a quart just might work for you.  Or better yet use if for touch paint for existing colors.

Head to ACE today to grab your free quart of paint.  Click here for your coupon or grab one at the store.

Happy Painting!

Updated:  You have another opportunity on Saturday, March 31, 2012