Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rent The Runaway Cinderella

As a grown up on a budget, I still like to play dress up.  So when a friend asked if I would help her out with a formal work event, I said "sure why not."  The opportunity to see Mary Wilson of The Supremes, enjoy a nice dinner and get glammed up in exchange for a little work appealed to my frugal heart.  Like every other woman I know, I have a couple formal dresses in my closet but for this, I wanted to wear a dress with a little "something" to it.  However, I didn't want to pay a small fortune for a dress, I would wear if not only once then not in the near future.  Enter Rent The Runway, a site where you can rent designer dresses at a fraction of the cost to purchase.  If you've watch The Today Show in recent weeks you may have heard them rave about this site as the latest and greatest but thanks to my go to style site FashionCents, I was already head of the game.

I chose a Carmen Marco Valvo dress for the evening. 
I was inspired by a dress by the designer worn by Ann Curry.

Source: via Candace on Pinterest

Why This Worked For Me -
  • You can shop for dresses based on price, occasion and color.  What I really liked was the ability to also search by body type and age.
  • You can order the dress in two sizes, eliminating the question of "What if doesn't fit?"
  • The descriptions were very detailed.  You knew how the dress would hang based on shoe height. I needed to change the length of the dress based on my height and the shoes I planned to wear.
  • Most importantly...the price!  I rented my dress (retail $745) for $89.95. Normally the cost would have been $139.95 but as a new member to the site, I received a $50 discount courtesy of the invitation I received from FashionCents.  This includes shipping and insurance.  The regular rental cost for me is still a great deal.
Why This Would Work For You -
  • Available dresses range from beach wear to weddings. This includes Prom dresses for those of you with High School Juniors and Seniors!
  • If you have multiple events in the same time frame, Rent The Runway currently has a deal where you can rent an additional dress for $25.
  • You can look fabulous without killing your wallet.  
What's Next -
  • Step onto the Runway - Open your RTR account with this link and you'll get $20 towards your rental and I'll get $20 too!  How's that for a win-win?
  • Need some advice on what to wear to formal events?  Check out Fashion Guru, Kim Turner's video below.