Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My favorite things: Saving money and coffee

My name is Candace and I love coffee and a good deal! Today, I headed over to Cost Plus World Market to indulge in both.  Twice a year, World Market has their buy one get one free coffee deal on 12 oz. bags of coffee. As a World Market Explorer (their rewards program), I already get a free 12 oz. bag for every 6 I buy. On Wednesdays, you get a double credit. With today's deal, I'm going to get enough coffee to last me through first half of 2013.  

The 24 oz. bags I usually buy costs $9.99 per bag. The 12 oz. bags range from $5.99 to $11.99 each. Here's what I bought:

2 bags of Italian Roast                $11.98
2 bags of Mocha Java                 $11.98

Total spent today (tax included):  $24.50

World Market Coffee - B1G1 Free

Savings today (tax included): $24.50  4 free bags of coffee
Future savings (tax included): $12.25 2 free bags of coffee from World Explorer Rewards Program.

The coffee I bought today will last for about 4 months (regular cost: $40.86).  The 2 free bags another month. Add the 2 bags in my pantry (from another deal in September) and I'm set until July!

Here are some tips to keep stay in coffee and cash:

  • Become a World Market's Explorer 
  • Buy your coffee on Wednesdays (2 credits for each coffee purchase)
  • Be sure to check the expiration dates.
  • Mark your calendars for June, 2013

What do you like to stock up on?